About Frying Paradise

Hi! I’m John!

I am the Chef at the Frying Paradise and I love cooking. Do you?

It is the only question you need to ask yourself when thinking whether to subscribe or not.

I am a very tech-savvy person and I love cooking. Weird combo, right? I want to know the ins and outs of how things work. I love trying out new things, understanding whether I like how they behave in my kitchen and I definitely LOVE eating along the process (Can you relate?). One of my other passions is..cooking for others. Simple as that. I strongly believe that food is one of the things that can make the world a better place. Why? Simple. Just remember when was the last time you were enjoying what you eat, remember that feeling? You were happier then, weren’t you? Happier people = World is a better place.

Usually, when we are having dinner at my place, I get asked quite a lot of questions.

Few examples would be:

“John, what is this?”

“How did you make it?”

“What spices were you using”?

“Which gadget I need to buy to get the same result?”

and of course…

  “Can you pass me the salt?” … Every. Single. Time.  Seriously though, if you are interested in questions like this and much more, subscribe by filling out the form below!  You will be the first one to get notified about new and exciting articles, covering a range of topics on a weekly basis.

This blog is going to get a ” must-read”  status in your mind even if you are not particularly interested in tech. We will have reviews focused on kitchen gadgets, namely air fryers, deep fryers, convection ovens etc. so you wouldn’t need to read dozens of reviews available out there. All the information needed to make the decision is going to be right here on FryingParadise.Com. But besides that, we are going to make a lot of other articles that will focus more on the practical side of life. As in,  what can I do today to make my food taste better? What can I do to cook something better? Which spices should I use for…? See where I am going with this? 🙂

So it went on and I answered the questions for all of my guests. Eventually, the dinner turned out in a mini-lecture and discussion about the tech and tools I used to cook our meal, different ways how to do it and that sort of thing.

It is at this point it struck me. Next logical step is to open up a blog that would be devoted to all you guys who, instead of grabbing a pack of chips from the store, would be willing to make your own. Of course, that is just a quick example. Surely sounds nice, though, right?  “John’s Originals”

What’s it gonna be, John?

I am a long-standing fan of frying. I think that everything tastes better when fried, rather than boiled, you know what I mean? Vegetables, Meat, Bread, there are even desserts!

If you agree with me on this one, then be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and whenever there will be new and interesting articles available, I will make sure you know about it first! Besides that, with time there will be some personalized items available just for our subscribers and I know you want to be there when they arrive! 🙂