8 Reasons Why I Use An Air Fryer And You Should Too

Why use an air fryer?

Today, humans are more concerned about healthy food globally. They know that staying healthy will lessen their day to day life stress. Honestly, for folks who love to experience fried meals, it’s a tough goal. But wait, Look here! You just need to recognize the opportunities already around you. We are here to help find the answer to the question ” Why Use Air Fryer?” so you don’t have to look for answers anywhere else. This is an extraordinary appliance and having it in your kitchen will make your cooking process simple.

ATTENTION! If you already have a convection oven, think twice before purchasing air fryer! Although it does have some cool features, some people have said it’s somewhat similar to a convection oven.

That being said, it can be a great choice to invest your money because of the many benefits of air fryer. Let’s dive into the reasons for using it, one by one. If you perceive visual material better, click here to go to the infographic that summarizes this article. 

1# Reason why use Air Fryer

Cooking with it is healthier

As air fryer gains more popularity among people and chefs, it is advertised as healthy. It is a guilt-free way you can enjoy your favorite meals. Fried foods are known to be associated with certain health risks. They are rich in fat. Most of deep fat fried foods contain about 30% fat. An example can be a fried chicken breast that has more fat than roasted chicken. We all have seen air fryer ads that postulate it can cook with little to no oil. That’s  true. So why don’t we do our physique and cardiovascular system a favor and cook with an air fryer,right?

2# Reason why use Air Fryer


Cleaning is the worst part of cooking our food. At least for me. When it comes to deep fryer this process is quite challenging. Getting rid of the oil, cleaning the whole thing… Whi is not the case with an air fryer. Most of them are dishwasher-safe. Take out the delicious meal and place all washable parts in the dishwasher. Easy. Get straight to enjoying the food.

3# Reason why use Air Fryer

Saves electricity, convenient unique functions

In modern world automation is the key. Another answer to the question ”why use air fryer” is simple. Cooking in air fryer is simple. Automated temperature and timer settings allow you to just put everything inside, set the appropriate temperature and time and forget about it. ATTENTION! With some air fryers, it has been said to be beneficial to open the basket and shake it throughout the cooking! Read the instructions of your own Air Fryer and make sure you use it properly!

When you use air fryer, you save the cost of electricity to the minimum because of how energy efficient they are. Due to the way how air fryers have been built, they don’t require constant power to the heating element.

4# Reason why use Air Fryer

Minimizes harmful compounds formation

Apart from having higher calories and fats, the fried food can create a dangerous compound known as acrylamide. It is formed in food that is rich in carbohydrates and then overcooked. By using an air fryer, you decrease acrylamide content in your fried food. Air frying has reduced the content by 80% when compared to tradition food frying. Still asking why use air fryer?

5# Reason why use Air Fryer

Helps with weight loss

Deep-fried meals are not just higher in fat that is bad for your cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) system. They also contain calories that aid in weight gain if they are not used to make energy for your organism throughout the day. Remember this can lead to obesity. Are you there? Are you looking to reduce your waistline? One way to start doing it is by starting small – with swapping your lunch from deep-fried meals for air-fried meals. Now you are educated and this can your good start to reducing your weight loss. Of course,bear in mind, that it won’t  be enough but it can be a great first step to take.

6# Reason why use Air Fryer

Safe and fast cooking

Now, this is a tricky one.  It’s definitely safer because you don’t operate with hot oil or anything. However, while the cooking will be faster for some foods, for others it might be longer than it would be in deep-fryer. We are not talking an hour longer, but it can be up to 10-20 minutes longer process so just be aware of this.

In fact, it is so easy to operate that you can be sure even your children can make themselves tasty dinner without any fuss!

7# Reason why use Air Fryer

Reduces smell in the surroundings

Apart from it being a nice and healthy alternative for frying foods, this is my favorite benefit. I’m the type of person who loves listening to amazing music while cooking or doing anything else around the house. I enjoy the process, I feel in harmony with myself.

Now one thing that can mess it up is a huge variety of smells that arise from cooking. Not with air fryer, it isn’t. Special air filters help remove the smell from the exhaust system.

8# Reason why use Air Fryer

Variety of appliances with fair prices

You can get the best air fryer for a reasonable price that suits your needs thanks to the huge variety of air fryers on the market. Manufacturers have ensured that you can get fast delivery of this product at any given time. They differ in price, size, materials used and other features like a digital or analog timer. Get the best manufacturer who matches your satisfaction regarding the price. If you need help with choosing best air fryer available on the market as of 2018, read through our in-depth air fryer reviews.


Those very pretty much all reasons I could think of at the moment. Hope this was helpful. If you have anything else to add, you are welcome to leave a comment below.

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