Air Fryer Reviews – The Only Ones You Will Ever Need To Make A Choice

Imagine enjoying your favorite dish of scrumptious fried chicken and French fries… only healthier? Well, now it’s a reality. How you can get there and what do you need? Read our air fryer reviews and worry no more!

First things first, you need an air fryer. (8 reasons why you need an air fryer) This kitchen gadget is able to deliver exactly such result. Air cooker does this by circulating superheated air evenly around your food to make sure it’s fully cooked, to put it simply.

Contrary to the traditional deep fryer where food is fully submerged in oil, this health fryer uses up to 80% less oil. Let’s make some rough calculations. 100 ml of oil equals about 820 kcal.

Air fryers are also more superior to the deep fryers as they are compact in size and can be easily placed on kitchen tables.

Air cookers provide you with healthier meals due to less use of oils which may contain unhealthy cholesterol compared to deep fryers. A close look at these air fryer reviews will show you that this is a necessary addition to your kitchen gadgets.

Let’s take a look at some of the top air fryer reviews;

NuWave Brio Air Fryer 6

This health fryer comes with a wide array of features that make the frying experience great. The air cooker comes in an attractive black color and weighs only 20 pounds. It has a convenient, massive 6 quartz capacity to accommodate enough food for your family comfortably.

This air fryer is able to cook a variety of foods using various cooking methods. These methods include roasting, grilling, toasting, boiling and even baking.

The Brio Air Fryer 6 Quartz basically gives you a healthy, fewer calories and convenient way of enjoying crunchy meals.

Here is a look at the unique features in this air fryer:

Unique Features

– Temperature control – This gadget has an accurate temperature control of between 100-300 degrees. What this means is that you can accurately choose your desired temperature for a particular cooking.

– Temperature adjustments in 5 degrees – The Brio Air Fryer 6 Quartz boasts of a gradual temperature adjustment. This adjustment ensures gradual increment of temperature.

– 6-quart capacity – A massive 6-quart capacity is available with this particular gadget. The large capacity will ensure enough food in one cooking for an average family.

– Touchscreen display – An advanced touchscreen display is available with this air fryer. A touchscreen makes temperature input convenient and easy to read.

– A digital timer – The feature makes it possible to select a desired period of time to cook your food. When the selected time elapses then the air fryer automatically shuts off.

– A retractable power cord – This power cord can be retracted or pulled back when the gadget is not in use. This means it’s safe for you and will not cause a hazard in the kitchen.


– An improved touch screen display,

– A digital timer with in-built auto-shutoff,

– A massive, convenient 6-quart capacity,

– Temperature adjustments of 5 degrees,

– An accurate temperature control of 100-300 degrees,

-Retractable power cord.


– A few customers in our search for air fryer reviews complained of the basket overheating, beginning to peel and rust.

Cozyna Air Fryer 3.7 Quartz

In your quest to look for the best air fryer, this particular gadget is one of the healthiest. It ensures the healthiest way to enjoy foods like hamburger and French fries.

The fact that you can cook with a single spoon of oil means you enjoy a healthier meal. On average this health fryer uses 70% less cooking oil as compared to the deep fryer.

Aside from all, the Cozyna Air Fryer is dishwasher safe for an easy, convenient and safe clean. As if that is not enough, it comes with two recipe books that have over 50 recipes exclusive for this kitchen gadget.

This gadget is definitely one of the healthiest if not the healthiest in our array of air fryer reviews.

Unique Features

– Multipurpose gadget – This gadget can be used for baking, grilling, roasting and even frying.

– Less cooking oil – On average this gadget uses less than 70% oil compared to other conventional fryers. In most air fryer reviews it’s seen as one of the healthiest.

– Two Cookbooks (Exclusive) – It comes with two cookbooks with over 50 recipes exclusive just for this device. These books include the most basic recipes and the most nutritious.

– Dishwasher safety – All of this gadgets’ parts are safe to clean in a dishwasher for a convenient and easy clean.

– Ideal for a perfect gift – A 100% satisfaction is guaranteed and money is refundable within 30-days if you are not satisfied.

– Temperature adjustable up to 400 degrees – This means you can adjust your temperatures to 400 degrees for whatever desired temperature.


– It is safe to clean in a dishwasher,

– Ideal for a perfect gift,

– Temperature is adjustable up to 400 degrees,

– Two Cookbooks available with over 50 recipes,

– Economical oil consumption,

– Compact and light in weight,

– It’s a multipurpose device.


– A capacity of only 3.5 liters

Low-fat T-fal ActiFry Air fryer

It is safe to say this gadget is the best air fryer from most of our air fryer reviews. According to our evaluation, this health fryer is the top pick among its competitors due to a myriad of properties and unique features.

The air fryer is as a result of ten years of in-depth research and development. It is a health fryer with the ability to fully cook a variety of meals with a tablespoon of oil or less.

The Air fryer simply works by adding ingredients, measuring in the oil, setting the timer and leaving it to cook.

Distribution of heat is even and cooking of meals is thorough with this air fryer with no need for pre-heating. Let’s look at the best features of this healthy fryer from various air fryer reviews.

Unique Features

– A precision ActiFry measuring spoon – This precision spoon is used to accurately measure the required cooking oil.

– Can be disassembled for easy cleaning – The spoon, pan, filter, lid, and paddle can be removed and separately cleaned. The rest of the gadget can then be easily wiped with a soft wet cloth or sponge.

– A digital countdown timer – This is an easy way of setting the time to cook your meal and leaving it to cook. It will automatically alert you with a buzzer once the time elapses.

– Detachable non-stick ceramic coated pan – The ceramic pan offers a healthy material for your food and is also easy to clean.

– 38 recipes colored recipe book – The book will give you an attractive array of basic and scrumptious meals.

– Secure steam-free lid – The lid will ensure your meal is secure and does not spill. It is steam free with a window to ensure you monitor how your meal is cooking.

– An Air Fry Technology – This involves a heat pulse design that ensures optimum circulation of hot air. It is a sure way of making food evenly cooked; an outstanding feature in air fryer reviews.


– A secure steam-free lid,

– A 38-recipes colored recipe book,

– Advanced Air Fry Technology,

– A digital countdown timer with a buzzer,

– Can be disassembled for easy cleaning,

– Compact and lightweight,

– LCD screen display for ease of use.


– Only has a 2.2 pound capacity for food.

Secura Hot n’ Crispy 5.3 Quartz Electric Hot Air Fryer

This is quite a strong yet healthy air fryer among its competitors in the air fryer reviews. Secura Hot n’ Crispy 5.3 Quartz Electric Hot Air Fryer boasts of 1500 watt power motor.

The powerful motor has the ability to quickly heat up and save energy as well. Its durable design will ensure you enjoy many years of use.

A smudge-free outer surface makes this air fryer very easy to clean.

Like any typical air fryer in all air fryer reviews, this gadget also cooks by circulating hot air rapidly around food.

It’s built for electrical standards of North America at 120V/1500 Watt and weighing at only 15.65 pounds. Meaning it’s basically built with a countertop design that’s modern.

Unique Features

– 5 liters cooking capacity – Meaning you can cook delicacies for a large family or for visitors effortlessly.

– A convection Technology – The convection technology locks moisture in and flavor without adding grease or fat to provide healthy and yet delicious meals.

– Compact countertop modern design – It’s built with a modern countertop design to suit most modernized kitchens’ décor.

– Smudge resistant outer surface – This is because it circulates hot air rapidly to fry, bake, roast, grill or even re-heat leaving you with a greaseless countertop. This feature also makes this air fryer easy to clean.

– Extra accessories – It comes with a recipe for various air fryer delicacies. To increase this air fryer’s versatility, it has a grilling rack and skewers.

– Multipurpose functions – You can use this health fryer to bake, roast, fry, reheat or grill since this is a multi-purpose air fryer which only takes three minutes to heat.


– A large 5 liters cooking capacity,

– A compact countertop modern design,

– A streak resistant exterior,

– Features extra useful accessory,

– Multipurpose functions,

– An improved convection Technology,

– Easy to clean.


– Some users might find the basket of this air fryer to be slightly heavy.

GoWISE USA 2.75 Quart Digital Air Fryer

This is an air fryer which will give you the best value for your money; we can observe this from a number of air fryers reviews we have done. This is because with this air cooker you are able to enjoy your favorite snack without worrying about calories.

It uses a cooking technology which ensures that your food cooks evenly and fast. It automatically turns off once you remove the basket from the fryer or as soon as the timer stops.

From the air fryer reviews, we can clearly see that this is a health fryer which is a must-have kitchen gadget which helps you make juicy and crispy meals which have no calories. With this air fryer, you are also assured of less fatty meals.

Unique Features

– Cooking indicator – Once your meal is ready , you will get five beeps to alert you which makes cooking with this air fryer both fast and easy.

– Digital screen – This allows you to set your cooking temperature which can range from 170F-400F and cook between 1-30 minutes. This is the most desirable feature if you like cooking using online recipes or you love using your own recipes.

– Compact size – You can save space using this air fryer compared to others on air fryer reviews. This is because its mini size and shape allow you to place on countertops and leave room for other items too.

– Uses rapid air technology to cook – With this technology you do not need oil to achieve crispy and delicious fried food. Your meals are cooked using the hot air circulating inside. It’s like having a regular air fryer at home that is jacked on steroids!

– Comes with a free recipe book – This includes 50 recipes made for this health fryer which you can use to prepare sumptuous meals for breakfast, lunch, dessert or dinner.


– Prepares mouth-watering meals using little or no oil at all within 30 minutes or less.

– Uses rapid air circulation technology which ensures fast and evenly cooked meals by circulating hot air in every direction.

– This is an easy to use air cooker since you can set your cooking time and cooking temperature.

– Easy to clean since its pan and basket are non-stick making it easy to clean.

– Using this air fryer results in delicious meals free of calories. Make a point of using it to roast, grill or bake snacks for outstanding results.

– Comes with a recipe book which guides you on how to grill, bake, sauté or roast your meals and snacks using this air fryer.


– Most users find the 30 days warranty for the cooking basket really demoralizing.

– The basket chips easily and is prone to rust otherwise the air fryer itself is super amazing.


If you have been wondering how to buy the best air fryer, the air fryer reviews above will guide you on which is the best air fryer to buy in 2018. Look for best the air fryer which will add great versatility to your kitchen gadgets.

I bought a Secura Hot n’ Crispy 5.3 Quartz Electric Hot Air Fryer because it’s easy to use and clean. You should also buy it if you are looking forward to cooking for a large family or gathering.

Secura’s  health fryer can be used as one of the multi-purpose kitchen gadgets for delicious and healthy meals. You can also bake, roast, grill or even reheat leftovers using it.

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