Deep Fat Fryer – The Golden Standard of Crispy and Delicious Food

Imagine a situation when you have just come home from work after a long week. It was a good week, you closed some good deals and you invited some guests over at your place to have a little celebration dinner. Now, typically, you won’t have much time to spend on cooking.  This is where the deep fat fryer steps in and becomes your perfect kitchen partner.

Nowadays people have different diet preferences and your task as a host is to try and make delicious food for everyone.  With proper deep fat fryer you are able to make hundreds of different dishes, would it be deep fried fish, amazing home french fries or even a bunch of mouthwatering doughnuts if you have sweet tooth like myself.

In my opinion, a proper deep fat fryer makes cooking with oil easy and safe. Of course, that is comparing it to the traditional deep frying in an open pan or pot filled with oil. Those times, huh…?

It is controlled by the thermostat, which is a very important feature related to maintaining optimum oil temperature. This is important because it helps control the health risks associated with submerging our food in hot oil. Like that wouldn’t be enough, the ability to set and keep the temperature at a proper level enhances the food experience we get at the end of cooking.

So, in this article, I shortly explain main things you need to look for in a deep fat fryer. At the end of it, I give four concise deep fat fryer reviews, based on their overall performance and their main strengths. To give you an example, a family of four is less likely to use a mini deep fat fryer, as well as a student is less likely to buy the more expensive item if there is a decent fit for fewer dollars.  Read on!

Deep Fat Fryer…what is it?!

If you know what is KFC and Dunkin’ Donuts but the term deep fat fryer doesn’t ring a bell, then you are in for a treat. Deep fat fryer, deep fryer, seldom referred simply as ‘fryer’ is a kitchen gadget that uses hot oil to cook food. 

Deep Fryer
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Basically, the heating element heats the oil and then the cook lowers the food into the container with oil. Each food has different deep frying times. After few minutes, take out your food, let the excess oil drain and enjoy eating it!

With a deep fat fryer at home and a little bit of trial-and-error, you will be able to make restaurant-like chicken wings, french fries that no fast-food chain will be able to compete with and much more. Be creative, don’t be afraid to try out new things and look for inspiration on sites like Pinterest.  

How Does the Deep Fat Fryer Work?

All complicated things aside, the deep fat fryer works by heating oil to a high temperature. Usually, that’s 360F (~180C) but it varies from recipe to recipe.  Make sure to check the temperature and supposed frying times to avoid undercooked meal or a greasy mess on the plate later on. The heat squeezes out water making the outer layer crispy and cooking the food along the way.  Yumm…the crispy crust… Loved by children and adults all over the world!

Although deep fried chicken and french fries are the predominant food almost everybody knows, there’s a lot more to a deep frying. Like I mentioned before, you are able to fry hundreds of dishes. Few ideas for your next dinner you possibly haven’t considered yourself could be cheese, vegetables, seafood, and fruits.

7 Things to Take into Consideration Before Buying A Deep Fryer

A common question most of the people ask is how to buy the best deep fryer. We will be honest with you. We don’t have a one-answer-for-everyone. Why is that? Obviously, people have different needs based on their current income, family status, food preferences, diet regime etc. That’s why before heading over to our deep fat fryer reviews we highly suggest you read our list of 7 things that each potential buyer should take into consideration.  

Deep Fryer Price

The deep fat fryer for home use ranges from $20 to $150. However, the price of the quality models is above $40 and it comes with different features and cleaning facilities. We don’t suggest going under $40 (except if the deep fryer is on a sale) because we think such kitchen appliance is a long-term investment rather than something to play around for one evening.  But hey, that’s us! However, you might have different goals so take this suggestion with a grain of salt.


Warranty is another thing that strongly correlates with the price. Think of it as the manufacturer’s conviction that their product is any good. Typically, the warranty duration is about 2 years.


It is important that you consider the size of the deep fat fryer.  Compare your toaster with a coffee machine. One is smaller than the other. The size is important because among other things it serves as a determining factor where you will place your kitchen appliances. Do you even have enough space for the desired deep fryer?

Furthermore, the bigger the fryer, the more food you can fry in it. For example, let’s imagine your fryer is able to cook 2-3 lbs of food (~1-1,5kg), that means you need at least around 64 oz (~2liters) of oil. In contrast, a compact deep fat fryer can cook 12ounces (~350 g) of food and requires only 32oz (~1 liter) of oil that is perfect for a student. The compact models have the size of a toaster and they will help you save storage space. However, keep in mind, you can’t overload them while cooking.


It is simple kitchen gadget that consists of the wire basket, oil tank, and heat source. Most of the models have the same construction as the huge fryers you might have noticed at the shops or fast-food restaurants. However, most of the latest products available in the market have round shape and all-in-one construction. You can also have the one with rotating basket[amz Delonghi] if you want to use 50% less oil while cooking. Besides that, if interior design is important to you, then, of course, look for color and style that will match with your kitchen.

Temperature control

To avoid burning and overcooking you have to cook different meals at different temperatures. You should not invest in the deep fat fryer that only has on/off switch or the feature of low, medium and high heat settings. It is important that the fryer you plan to buy comes with an adjustable thermostat and digital display that will allow you to set the right temperature for frying food perfectly.  


The fryers can heat up the oil to a dangerous temperature. It is important that you buy the product with the following safety features.

Cool wall manufacturing. The walls of the fryer should be insulated so that your fingers will not burn when you touch the fryer.

In order to prevent oil splashes and spillage while cooking it is important that you buy the fat fryer with lockable lid.

A viewing window is important because it will allow you to keep an eye on the food while you are cooking. There are only a few products available on the market that comes with this feature.

Plus, we need to go back to point 5 because fryers that are equipped with a thermostat usually (check it!) have safety switch for when the inner environment get’s too hot. For example, if there is not enough oil.


One of the most important things you have to consider is the cleaning features because a large tank of oil will be tough to clean. Buy a fat fryer that is easy to clean otherwise it will become hard for you to use the appliance on daily basis.

Select the product that has drainage facility so you will not have to tip the fryer to empty it.

Choose a model with removable basket and lids so you can easily clean them in the dishwasher without damaging any electric part of the product.

The fryer that comes with the detachable lid is easier to clean because you can quickly replace the filters.

Watch this video that explains in a step-by-step way how to clean a deep fryer. Kevin uses a helpful thing called Fryer Boil-Out that lets you clean your deep fryer more easily but surely you can achieve the same results using just water and a bit more effort.

4 Reviews of 4 Different Deep Fat Fryers Tailored To Individual Needs

cleaningAs we mentioned at the beginning, as much as we would like to say there’s one best deep fat fryer, we can’t. Simply because each user will have different needs and thus best fryers will differ from one to another. There are many different products available on the market. That is why a comparison of the best items is very important to make the selection process easy. Here we have the Top 4 Best Deep Fat Fryer Reviews for you – the best overall, the best small,  the best large and the best cheap deep fat fryer.

T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate – Voted as The Overall Best Deep Fat Fryer

As we have mentioned, again and again, it’s hard to pick one best deep fat fryer because the market is full of great items. However, if we were to pick one, then T-Fal FR8000 would be our best bet. It has a minimalistic design that will be easily incorporated into basically every kitchen. It has 3,5-liter oil capacity and 2,65-pound food capacity. Do you think it’s too big? Too much oil will be wasted each time? Actually, that’s not true. As the name suggests it has an easy-to-use oil drainage system for effortless clean-up.   It is a durable product, developed from high-quality materials.


It is a powerful 1700 watts fryer that comes with 2.65 food capacity and 3.5 liters oil capacity. It will allow you to cook enough food that you can easily offer to friends and family members.

It’s 80% dishwasher safe! Except for heating element and power cord.

The thermostat allows you to adjust the right temperature settings for the desired food. Besides that, the thermostat is great for maintaining the chosen temperature, which in turn means the food cooks quicker and absorbs less fat.

There are 2 positions for the basket that makes it easy to use. You can use the positions for cooking and draining.

There’s an oil-filtration system that conveniently lets you store the oil and save money since now you are able to use the oil multiple times.

Viewing window in the lid makes sure you are able to follow the frying process without exposing yourself to the hot oil inside.

The minimalistic design ensures successful incorporation into your kitchen’s interior.


T-Fal  FR8000 heats up quickly and keeps the temperature closely within the selected range that allows you to cook different foods at the right temperature needed for each of them

Odor filter lets you enjoy the fried food without permanent feeling that the whole house is deep fried.

Oil filtration system combined with the tightly sealed and removable oil container takes care of the used oil and grants multiple uses of filtered oil the next time you want to fry.


The large size takes a lot of space in the kitchen, bear that in your mind when purchasing this deep fryer.

Heats up to 350 F and it seems to be the maximum of what it can do. It will greatly influence what kind of food you are able to make.

Cuisinart CDF-100 – The Best Compact Deep Fat Fryer

If you are planning to buy a small fryer at an affordable price, then we suggest you include Cuisinart CDF-100 as one of your top prospects. The company has been developing good kitchen appliances and one of their strengths is the ability to offer decent quality products at unusually great prices. It means that if you want to buy a fat fryer you no longer need to hurt your bank account.

While Cuisinart CDF-100  is not without its flaws (who’s perfect, anyway?), we consider it as one of the leading small fryers. That is if we compare several mini deep fryers, then this little badass comfortably sits in top3 and doesn’t think about leaving the leader’s position any time soon.

You will love you don’t need to carry it up from the basement each time you want to use it because it can easily stay in the kitchen.


Fast heating technology is integrated within it so you spend less time waiting and more time cooking.

Stainless steel housing.

Product’s maximum capacity is 1,1 liters.

It comes with 3 years warranty.


Fryer heats up quickly and is good at maintaining the heat.

Equipped with magnetic breakaway power cord for extra safety.

Ideal for two persons because it easily will cook ¾ pounds of food


It is difficult to get rid of the oil because the basket is not removable.

Outer casing gets hot while the fryer is in use.

 Butterball MB23010618 XL Electric Fryer – The Best Large Deep Fat Fryer

There are many deep fryers available in the market but none of them have been able to set the standards like Butterball MB23010618. It has been designed not only to meet all frying expectations but to exceed them. Sure, the size is huge but that’s the beauty of it! The cooking is more convenient than ever. It will allow you to easily cook for a family gathering. Keep in mind it is big and my personal suggestion is that you fry food in a garage rather than the kitchen to avoid the room get filled with a smell.  


You can easily fry even a turkey of up to 20 lbs weight.

There is a patented drain clip available in the aluminum basket

Digital timer and analog thermostat with a wide range of temperature 125-375 F

This is actually 3-in-1 device! You can Fry, Boil and Steam with it.

There is an oil drain valve that will make cleaning easier.

It’s tested and meets commercial standards. Restaurant-quality food, anyone?

Magnetic breakaway power cord – important safety feature!


Fit in a 20lb turkey, 5lb of chicken wings or a bowl of seafood

This device has a unique design and it meets commercial standards

It doesn’t limit you to frying! You can use it to boil and steam food as well.

Most parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher.


It is bulky and that makes it hard to carry, additionally requiring a lot of space.

If used for frying, it will require quite a lot of oil, be prepared.

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer – The Best Cheap Deep Fat Fryer

In contrast to Butterball, the Hamilton fryer is a bit in the middle of the spectrum. It’s both smaller and cheaper. This brand is famous for designing great kitchen appliances for only a fraction of the cost. The Beach Deep Fryer is a wonderful example of their manufacturing and designing capabilities. It offers you great functionality, most features that you can find in the top-tier models but, of course, all of that for a reasonable price.

The biggest benefit of this particular fryer is its safety features. Considering the accidents that happen because of frying in hot oil, the manufacturer has paid special attention to the safety of the product.

It’s not the biggest, nor the cheapest fryer out there but it is the best there is when compared to other cheap fryers. Why? Hamilton Beach Fryer possesses many useful features, a lot more than one could expect from such a cheap device, on top of that it comes at a price of only $49 (as of writing this article). I think it’s a great gift for a student or a great first deep fryer and is definitely worth the shot.


It comes with the 8 cup oil capacity

Dimensions of the fryer are 8.58 x 11.38 x 13. 94 inches

Additional insulation prevents you from getting your hands burned if you touch the sides while using it.

There is a breakaway cord that will prevent the tipping over of the fryer.

The lid allows you to avoid the hot oil splatters because it comes with the view window that enables you to monitor what you are cooking.

It is easy to use because the fryer heats up quickly. You can manage the optimum temperature for cooking the meals with the analog thermostat on the front side of the fryer.

Heating element, lid, and oil tank can be easily separated which will be of great use when it comes to cleaning.

With Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer it is possible to drain your food from the oil before opening the lid.


Great Return on Investment – an impressive performance for a reasonable price.

Removable parts useful for easier clean-up

Sturdy and well-built that enhances the safety of its use.  


It takes longer than usual to heat up.

The cooking basket is smaller than could be anticipated looking at the fryer and the product description is slightly exaggerated.

The power cord might be too short for some kitchens

What to do next?

After reading our reviews, decide, what is more important to you? Size? Price? Safety? Next step is to have a closer look at them. The only way to improve your chances of getting just the right product is by weighing in few of the options out there. First, pick features that are important for your everyday use and then choose the best fit!

Keep frying!


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  1. I looked to replace our deep fryer for the Thanksgiving. We usually get a huge turkey so I will try the Butterball fryer

  2. Nice, I hoped to find a slightly cheaper alternative than the average price on the market. That hamilton deep fryer seems decent bang for the buck

  3. I liked the post because it’s not one-sided. You look at the essentials of a deep fryer and then suggest different options not just one company or something.
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    Your description is good but I’d like to see a hands-on demonstration.

    1. Our aim is to provide the best value. We don’t care about the manufacture, thank you for noticing that!

      As for the cleaning video, that issue now is resolved. Give it a look!

      Keep frying,

  4. I can’t stress enough how important the warranty is. I liked you reminded people of that as well.
    Once I bought a juicer and somehow didn’t pay attention to the warranty. Worst mistake ever!!

    1. We’re sorry to hear about your experience. We learn from our mistakes, right?
      Best of luck in your future kitchen adventures!

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